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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


China Language Forced Down AmeriKKKan Throats!


First Chinaman/Chinawomyn conquer outside China-land with China-food buffet! Now they shove China language (a.k.a. Chinkese) down white man's throat! China-land government pay for free class for cracker student in public skool. No more Burrito language, Cheese language or Sausage language for you round-eye kids! Ha ha, we make you eat General Tso's Choked Chicken and now you Pabst Blue Ribbon-drinking dive-bar hakujin hipster have to celebrate Chinaman New Year, Year of Eye of The Tiger!


Hi-Fi for (Retarded) Dummies


Okama is a bona-fide audiophile, and reads many magazines on stereophonic reproduction technology. But most people who are not from Okama-ghanistan are ignorant and have no idea about how to get most musical satisfaction out of their LP phonographs and tapes. Have no fear lost peeps! - Okama is here, shagging sheeps! Ugh, ugh! Cough, cough! Um, OK, excuse the Okama. He will now demystify erroneous buying habits of the common consumer. Please take note punters before patronising your favourite high street hi-fi emporium.

Friday, March 19, 2010


New China Great Wall Restaurant - Menu



4,000 year of China history bring you sum good food to die for (in Tienanmen Square). No speak Engrish, you round-eye tourist-trap victim, so order by number. Phuk yu!

# 13. Thirteen Good Rucky Number in China-land for China-man. Anyhow this item call "Chop Chop Chop Suey," because it come quick! - £3.95
# 17. Panda Meat Sukiyaki (don't worry WWF-crazed white man, panda die naturally due to bamboo deforestation) - £4.95
# 23. Chicken-Choking Chow Mein (Shrimps £1 extra charged) - £3.95
# 42. Bad Dog, No Scooby Snack (Seasonal). So solly, this meal depend on how many unfortunate stray dog show up behind our kitchen in alleyway. - £1.95 (because meat content originally free)
# 51. Steamed lice (Chinese bedbugs) - 50p
# 72. Powdered Melamine-Based Funky Congee Dessert - You feel rucky? Then our monkey-spanking chef dare you to try kidney-stone-in-pee-pee-inducing concoction.
# 88. Chinese herbal tea - You horny sailor? Then drink this with many good herb for you, including ground rhinoceros horn and seahorses, both proven afro-disiac. Other herb include such ones like aconitum.

Note: All food served in ecological conscious bowls made from bamboo leaf pooped out by giant panda to reduce carbon footprints.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Fast and Furious Rice Cars!


Toyota, the benchmark of automobile perfection, has been making clapped-out motorised chariots that even the Chinkees would be ashamed of. First, it was the stuck accelerator pedals due to the tatami car mats. What's next? Well, it's nothing less than the funked-up pedals themselves, made from mechanisms that won't release due to a buildup of white, sticky fluid. God only knows what the slopes assembling these things were spanking in the factory.

It only gets worse folks. The Toyota Pious, the most holy fuel-sipping motorised four-wheel chariots is next on the firing line with failing brakes. The culprit of this dastardly deed seems to be the whiz-bang wizardry of the regenerative braking system not co-operating with the hydraulic braking system. Okama says "fooey" to the frou-frou gimmickry of the Rube Goldberg contraption! Brakes are overrated and we should all stop like they did in the Flintstones car.

True anecdote: Okama owns one of those latte-liberal eco cars, and was driving his Toyota Pious around the winding hills of Tora Tora Tora in Okama-ghanistan, when suddenly his car sped up to a hundred miles an hour! Caught off-guard, Okama panicked. That's when the towel wrapped around his head fell off and got lodged behind the accelerator pedal. So he stepped hard on the brake pedal, when its linkage snapped off. In front of him, there was a tree and herd of sheep. Okama kept his cool and did the best thing - he plowed his Toyota Pious in to the sheep herd. Yes he did take out a few, but when his Pious caught on fire after the impact, he piled a few roadkill on the flaming car, and made some mutton kebabs. Bahhh, bahhh, din-din was on the house!

Friday, March 05, 2010


Toro Toro Toro! No maguro for you!


Sushi lovers around the globe, it's no secret that bluefin tuna is being fished to extinction. Nippy Nippos and Chinky Chinamen are stuffed to the gills with the fish. Gourmet-food whores! Next time you are patronising your favourite nise-Japo joint, you quarter-turning Sea Shepherd homos should be eating only tamago, kyuri and kanpyo. Don't even think about fatty tuna, it's natto hand roll for you!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Asashoryu Quits Diaper Wrestling!


Asashoryu-ken, the Mongolian BBQ diaper wrestler, has resigned. It's about time foreigners stopped molesting the purity of Japanese martial arts. The former yokozuna didn't contribute anything to fundoshi wrestling. He should be deported back to his home country ASAP, move back to his yurt in Ulan Bator and herd sheep. Off the sumo ring, he was just a drunk who slapped his beeyotches around. Keep sumo only for phat nips! Okama sheds no tears for the gaijin. Good riddance!


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