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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Gooky Gooks Want Imbecile Island


Pul-go ki eaters want a little pathetic patch of doodoo called Takeshima (in Jap speak, Tokdo in Gook speak) so that they could catch more mackerel to drain the brain juice to make that kim-chee shiznit. Elementary schools in Korea are even encouraging students to draw pictures of how much they hate JAPan for taking away what rightfully belongs to them. Okama says the Nippies should just give the Gooky Gooks that piece of shinola just to shut them up.


Fishy Phishing Fool Fools


Okama is very heartbroken to have recently been a victim of a phishing scheme. He got a mail in his inbox stating to update his Paypal account since some fairy was trying to break in to it. So Okama proceeds, goes to Pay_pals.com, and willingly gives the requisite personal information including debit card number, pin number, bank account number, mother's maiden name, homosexual orientation, and how many times he whips out a batch to gay pron. Okama was shocked to see his Paypal account whittle to less than 50 Linden Dollars. So all you fruity-cakes watch your cornhole when you get an e-mail supposedly from ebay or Paypal stating that you have to update your account because someone is trying to break the condom.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Enough With 'Retro' Automobiles!


Automakers, with the exception of Tata in India, are fresh out of stale design ideas. Global automakers are increasingly looking to the past, not the future for inspiration in designing The Next Big Profit Centre. Witness the resurrection of once defunct models such as the Honda Civic and Porsche 911. The Citro├źn 2CV looks as it was never updated since the C3!


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