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Sunday, October 07, 2012


This Jap Brand Smells Fishy!

ObR loves gadgets that are made by the JAPanaese because they are small like their weed whackers. Those oree-enuls sure work hard and keep quiet. But buyer beware! Is your Sony Walkman real?

Okama was spanking it hard as usual behind a hedge in a car park, when two dodgy blokes pulled up in a white van. They offered an offer he couldn't refuse - a 55-inch plasma high-definition-ready flat-screen telly for £199 o.n.o.! He happily bought it and took it home. Okama penetrated the power plug into the socket, and stroked the unit on. But three minutes into Al Jazeera, sparks flew out of the back and then the screen went blank! Then he looked at the box. It said "Panashiba Viagra." The white-van man told him it was a "Panasonic Viera"! Upon deep speculation, it dawned on him that "Panashiba" was in fact a cheeky amalgam of two major Nippy brands: Panasonic and Toshiba. Gangbang style!

Visibly upset, Okama booked the next aeroplane into China-land. Dressed like a suicidal Foxconn factory worker, he went undercover to the Panashiba headquarters in Shenzhen where he saw what he shouldn't have seen. There he witnessed gay bosses groping gay foremen, gay foremen groping gay inspectors and finally gay inspectors groping gay/bi-curious factory workers.

The fakes just have to stop! After coming back to his cave in Okama-ghanistan, he realised that his digital camera was a Fujitronic and his microwave was made by Shrap! Oh crap!!!


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