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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Chinaman Kids Get Phat


No, not that kind of phat actually. Chinkee children are gorging themselves in a glutton of high-fat snacks like Cheese Nips and coconut milk. Young Chinamen and Chinawomen do not partake in traditional physical exercise activities such as Tai-chee and Chinese acrobatics. Instead they whip out batches at their local cybercafe, boba-tea drink in hand. Young Chinkids need to go easy the high-calorie panda meat and other exotic aphrodisiacs.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Is This Sushi For Real?


AmeriKKKans and other white nations are bastadizing the revered and sacred JAPanese dish of sushi. Instead of making authentic faire such as fish eyeballs and testes, the white supremacists are wrapping carrots and cream cheese with seaweed. Gooky people are not exempt from blame either. Gooky Gooky Gooks stuff sushi rolls with sesame oil and ground beef. Last time Okama checked beef wasn't even a type of fish! This madness must be stopped so that people outside of the NIP motherland know what authentic sushi is about.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


GookJaps Fakin' It


As Nips in the rand of the sinking sun are, as always, insincere, insular and xenophobic, Gooky people who grew up in Japan often had to hide their kimchee identity and donning of pointy footwear. Kind of like what Jews and Guidos had to do in the States (i.e. 'Tony Bennett'). Here's a sampling of GookJaps, or dog eaters who live in the land of the rising erection.
  • Riki Douzan - Old-school Gooky wrestler (real name: "Kim Shinraku") who later partaked in sumo wrestling and sucked at it.
  • Saijou Hideki - JAPan-born Gookman singer, not that this bothered many swooning female fans who opened their purses as wide as their daikon legs.
  • Hotei Tomoyasu - Half Nip, quarter commie-Russian, and another quarter Gookman, here is a ethnically-confused former bandmember of the now-defunct band, Boowy. Whoops, did Okama say he was only one-quarter gooky?

Friday, August 04, 2006


Micro$oft Creates iPod Killers...


Micro$haft has finally created the product which will fellate the ubiquitous iPod. This MP3 asexual music reproduction device will be called the Micro$ofty 'Zune.' Although the iPod is available only in ebony or ivory (in August 2006), the Zune will be available in multiple colors. Micro$hinola will even buy Janet Jackson booby commercial time during the Superbowl. Accessories will be available for the Zune when the shiznit will finally ship. Finally, Zune will be able to play gay pron video in later iterations of the mo'fo. All these awesome okama innovations, that surely Apple has never thought of, will ensure that the Zune will take over the planet beeyotch. Die iPod die!


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