Okama bin Ramen

Gay Tariban Brog

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


'Nise Japo' - Non-Authentic Nip Nourishment


Around the world, fake Jappy food is being promulgated and forced down poor Whitey's throats, who wouldn't know $#!t from shinola. These gay dildo restaurant owners are usually of Gooky or Chinaman/Chinawoman descent. In FroggieLand, for example, Frenchy-Chinks, who own their so-called Jap-Food joints, serve skewered meatballs filled with cheese and some kind of oree-anal soup with huge slices of mushroom floating in it. This gag-inducing excuse for Nip food is served beside egg rolls and other ping-pong show food. As these non-Jappo owners don't know any Nip-speak, many of these rice joints are adorned with signs such as 'Yokorama' and 'Sajitama.' Hmm, sounds like real JAPanese to Okama! Wake up sushi chefs from the Rand of the Sinking Sun and inhale the diarrhoea! Don't let the other slopes take over Nippy Nourishment (TM) and have menus serving miso (horny) soup!


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