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Monday, June 04, 2012


Chinky Chicken-Choking Innovation Overshadows Nippy Narcissism

JAPan is no longer the creative hotbed it once was. Sony, once the prince charming of the consumer-electronics empire, is laying off 10,000 soon-to-be-homeless poor nips and lost 6 billion doru. Sony is now groping Panasonic to make flat-panel televisions to fend off popular gooky brands. At least the gaijin CEO of Sony was fired and can now go back to Wales to boink sheep in coal mines! Bah bah! By the way, the Hitachi Magic Wand, once the self-pleasure device of choice by women who go out with small men, is also losing to other brands from other countries. Speaking about other countries, China-land, which could once barely make bicycles that turn left when steered rightwards, has replaced the Land of the Sinking Sun as the Silicon Valley of the East. These chow-mein slurping Chinamen and Chinkywomyn work for pennies on the dollar while cranking out technological wonders. Proview, one of the top Chinese computer companies, makes an iPAD (Internet Personal Access Device) that's even better than Apple's. The list never ends. From tastier egg foo young to SUVs that MC Hammer can't even touch, the China-homos from China-land are on an (egg)roll!


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