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Saturday, December 03, 2005


Memoirs of a GAYsha...


There's a new rice chaser's ultimate wet dream of a movie that's out now, and it's called Memoirs of a GAYsha. It's based on the book that's written by rice chaser extraordinaire himself, Arthur Golden. The movie stars an exotic China(doll)-woman, Ziyi Zhang on a set the Gay Hollywood Jews erected. This results in a Euro-centric bastardization of the Orient, not since Madame Butterfry was written by the Dago - Giacomo Puccini. The movie uses the typical AmeriKKKan movie formula of a Cinderella story, which works for the typical brain-dead moviegoer. The white man is milking this flop of a movie to its extremes by introducing a cosmetic line, formulated with organic rice milk and fermented soybeans.

About the only redeeming thing about Arthur, Golden (Shower) is that he uses a Mac - but then again most okama authors do the same.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Chindia - World Techmology Domination!


Chindia (CHINA getting jiggy with INDIA), is the new technological tour de force. Together, after doing the gay humpty dance, they will dominate the world as they pop out more engineers and scientologists than AmeriKKKa. The stats are clear - AmeriKKKa churns out a mere 50,000 engineers per annum, but the land of the Chinese Chicken-Choking Salad and the land of the Tikka-Turban Masala Vindaloo combined cranks out ten times more computer homos than the U.S. of A. In 2050, all AmeriKKKans will celebrate the Fourth of July by eating curry-flavoured chow mein takeaway whilst watching a Bollywood blockbuster. AmeriKKKans sitting in front of your computer and having a wank to lewd gay pron - take to your books, go to night skool, and get an edukashun unless you want to eat McCurry Big Macs for the rest of your life!


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