Okama bin Ramen

Gay Tariban Brog

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Chinese Okama Buffet


New China
Okama Buffet

Menu - Served for breakfast, lunch, dinner
Opening/Closing Hour - Mondays to Sundays 12 o'crock to late
(Chinaman/Chinawomyn work hard for money)
but close on Wednesdays, take pocket pool break
  • Chinese Chicken Choking Salad - Including special creamy sauce from traditional recipe from horny Chinapeople-land approximately 1,394 AD (before Nip people ate ramen).
  • General Tsao's Choked Chicken - Special recipe from 597 AD when great General Tsao goosed his chicken and creating special sauce from foul play pocket pool spanking his yellow monkey twice daily.
  • House Special Chop Suey - We onry use finest bok choy and other vegetable grown with five time the pesticide Chinese government limit to "chop up" this old stand by.
  • Egg Foo Young - Choose from oyster, hoisin, or spunk sauce. Using real egg sometime. Inspired when Woody Allen first opening Soon-Yi's chopsticks wide and commence Marvin Gaye sexual healing with his clarinet.
  • Almond cookie and fortune cookie - originally invented by JAPan man, Chinese people now make for White AmeriKKKan consumption.
Note: Our factory-farm livestock (prawns, pandas, and porks) all fed 100% organic diet of melamine (500 ppm, safe for China babies milk). Low dioxin.

P.S. So solly cash onry!!! Credit cars special surcharge 20%.


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