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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Gaijins Gang-rape Ganguros...


Well, not really, but not since the euphemistically-known Nanking incident has there been so much rape and pillage in a country. Gaijins with their smelly baggage of B.O. are raiding public baths and karaoke bars in JAPan. They are simply taking over NIPpon, prodding all the punani they can eat and teaching at all the GEOS, NOVA, and AEON Engrish language schools by the train stations. There is an immigration problem going in the land of the sinking sun and something must be done! Wake up freeters!


Facts Of The Model Minority, Part Two


There is a disturbing myth in AmeriKKKa that all Asian children fiddle the violin and prepare themselves for a vicodin medical career. This skewed perception hurts status-quo Nips, Chinkys, Gookys, and Flips greatly as not all get accepted into Harvard medical skool.

Okama would like to present an example. Let's bring exhibit A, a fictitious second-generation Chinaman named 'Dickmond Dong.' Dickmond has a degree in the liberal arts, and lives a bohemian lifestyle. He listens to Indie Rock instead of Erasure. The typical Asian work ethic is not carried on by Dickmond. Mr. Dong instead prefers to musically molest his guitar and read books by the beat generation. Dickmond is also very detached from his Chinkie roots and often seen pouring soy sauce over rice and orders General Tsao's Chicken at chop suey joints. Dickmond works odd jobs such as performing on the street or selling his own semen.

There you have it folks. Okama has proven that not all Asian college students are success stories. The media is again not in touch with reality.


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