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Gay Tariban Brog

Friday, September 29, 2006


Nips Work To Be Poor


Most Nips in JAPan are among the 'working poor.' Greedy Nip companies are in part responsible for the four million JAPs who work like beeyatchs but only can feed themselves a half a bowl of rice and few slices of takuan (JAPanese pickled radish). Okama is saddened that slants in the Land Of The Sinking Sun cannot eat a nice big bowl of gyu-don (beef bowl) and get stomach cancer in the long run.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


ChinaPeople Love JAPanimation...


The Chinaman government is frustrated that most Chinkids watch JAPenemation. Therefore, a ban is now in place that prohibits all chicken-choking Chinkids from watching
Yu-Gi-Oh-myGodIJustShotALoadInMyPants and other gay Pokemon-clones. Okama guesses that young Chinamen and Chinagirls have to put up with commie government-issued
propaganda disguised as animation - which is no different from AmeriKKKan kids who want to be raped by Ronald McDonald then.


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