Okama bin Ramen

Gay Tariban Brog

Monday, August 15, 2005


Family Mart Opens In West Horrywood!


Okama's new homo hangout has just had its grand opening in West Horrywood! It's called Famima, or short for Famiry Mart, the monopolistic convenience store chain in NIPpon and Chinaland. The cutesy Nip food and drink are perfect for gay portions. Not to mention the decadent fairy-friendly desserts. Any gay-curious person can go in and get a 'creme brulee puff' (real item) and an 'amino VITAL' to stock up on their protein juice reserves. Various rice balls are on sale too, like ketcha-mayo*, I, I mean tuna-mayo bukkake rice balls. So open up your reluctant legs West Homowood, spread-eagle style 'coz ObR is cummin' home!

* Don't ask, if you are perverted enough and JAPanese, you know what this term means!


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