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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Okama magicPad Announced!


There is much undeserved hype around tablet computers, but the Okama magicPad (TM) is much better than the one made by the gay fruit company. The Okama magicPad is injected with a custom-made CPU (Central Pronography Unit) that runs blistering quick at many, many Mega Hertz Rent-a-Car O.J. Simpson commercials. The magicPad can double as a perverse baking tray when making hash brownies and other Scooby snacks. However, the best feature of the Okama magicPad is that tranny pron can be watched in the privacy and comfort of his own cave! It's too bad it's dark in Okama's cave, and therefore he can't find his gay man-size tissues after the five-knuckle shuffle...

Gay Okama magicPad Features:
  • Core2Homo 23 Mega Hertz CPU
  • oTunes gay pron player
  • Thai ladyboy ping-pong show moving image player
  • World-Wide Wank browser
  • Okama App Store - OkamaSpankBook Social Networking, Okama-ghanistan Times, etc...
  • Okamabooks bookshop and homo eBook reader
  • Made in a sweatshop by slave labour at the OkamaConn factory that allows a 3 minute pee pee break every 4 hours
Okama is now accepting pre-orders for the Okama magicPad. Please write down your bank details and mother's maiden name on the back of one or two active credit cards and post to:

Okama bin Ramen
Cave entrance #37
Postcode 0K4M4


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