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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Okama's Christmas Gadget Spectacular!


Everyone and their okama homodachinkos know that ObR knows about electronic gadgets by the bucketload. Although we Okama-ghanistans don't celebrate Christmas, the Okama Overlord thought it would be nice to enlighten the mislead and uninformed minions what to buy for holiday gifts. These are arranged by popularity from most wanted to least desirable. So read up, lost sheep. Okama's here, making you weep!
  1. Tablet Computer - The tablet computer platform uses a thin-film transistor liquid crystal display that the user can touch to surf gay pron. It's central processing unit along with other bits that do the computing are housed in the same unit as the graphics display. This platform was pioneered by the Okama magicPad, but illegitimate competitors have popped up out of nowhere copying the magicPad's "look and feel." Okama is a bit miffed at this piracy, although imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
  2. Smart Phone - The smart phone is a class of mobile telephony that is smarter than your ordinary device. The smart phone can perform tasks beyond basic phone calling of the Thai Tranny Hotline, as these devices are basically pocket pool computers. This means that computer programs that can implement value-added features such as address books play hentai enema anime, integrating the features of the Portable Media Player (discussed later) with a mobile telephone.
  3. Digital Photo Camera - A digital photo camera is the biggest revolution in consumer electronics since Kodak invented the Brownie camera, enabling homodachi people to take snapshots of each other in suggestive poses. The digital photo camera captures light from the visible spectrum and converts this light to "0s" and "1s" in the digital domain via intermediary devices such as the Charge-Coupled Device (CCD), originally researched by the curry-eating UCLA professor, Chand Viswanathan.
  4. Portable Media Player - The portable media player has been popularised by devices such as the Diamond Rio PMP-300 with 32 Mega Bytes of internal non-volatile computer memory. The revolutionary aspect of these portable media players is that unlike the portable cassette format in the Sony Walkman, you have random access to any of the ten perceptually-coded songs inside. But behold, the latest portable media players allow playback of moving images using an 8-bit colour liquid crystal display! It's like a gay movie theatre in your pocket! Happy Holiday five-knuckle shuffle!


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