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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Nip Kids Go Back To Saturday Skool!


Japan's ministry of education has now admitted that their initiative of yutori kyoiku (cram-free edumacashun) sucks like Okama's salty balls. Originally designed to take the pressure off entrance-exam-paranoid-suicidal JAPpy-kids, yutori kyoiku was supposed to create more musicians, artists and poets. Reality was that most NIPpy-kids ended up playing Dragon Quest VIII (or with their sperm pumps) on Saturdays, which used to be a half day of skool. Stop the wanking children! Let's reinstate entrance-exam hell and corporal punishment for these lazy slope kids so Japan doesn't become like North Korea! Ret's go back to Saturday skool!


Burberry No Longer British


Burberry is sadly no longer made by the now-redundant Welsh workers, as their Treorchy factory is closed. It is to be now produced using chopsticks, not knitting needles, by Chinamen and Chinawomen in an illegal sweatshop in Chinaland. Burberry is no longer British as soapy peas, and The Queen will revoke their royal seal of approval. Okama thinks the Welsh factory can still be kept British by opening a new location on Brixton High Street and employing disenfranchised Paki-Pakis making the scarves that Nippy high-school ko-gals go ga-ga over.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Funked Up Fujiya Food!


Fujiya, the JAPanese dessert specialist is in deep doo doo right now for literally putting dookie in people's mouths. Apparently in the Fujiya cream puff factory, a homo whipped out a batch while assembling the pastry and some people who ate this concoction had episodes of diarrhoea among other cookie-tossing incidents. Please perverted pastry factory workers, do not play pocket pool while looking at photos of Peko-chan bending over!


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