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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Bye to Crime Time - It's Real Sushi Time!


All around the world, people are being pushed nise-japo food, which is food that is claimed to be from the land of the sinking sun. There's only so much profit Mr. Chang's Chinese Buffet can squeeze by substituting chopped cabbage for pork in his egg foo young. Therefore, in the States, Gookymen and Gookywomyn have taken over all the so-called sushi joints, trying to pass the bunk shiznit as the Real Deal Holyfield. In Europe, Chinamen and wimmin run the fake sushi traiteurs, who force large slices of mushrooms in the miso-horny soup and cheese inside yakitori.

But there is much hope for purveyors of real Nip food. Jappy sushi chefs have launched a campaign to educate and certify fake sushi kitchens around the world, ensuring incidents such as when a Froggy Frenchman tossed his cookies after a Chinky made him a special sushi roll made from various freshwater fish. Next time when you eat sushi in AmeriKKKa or homo Europe, make sure you see the authentic JAP certificate of real raw-fish sushi on the window.


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