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Friday, May 05, 2006


Enough With 'Retro' Automobiles!


Automakers, with the exception of Tata in India, are fresh out of stale design ideas. Global automakers are increasingly looking to the past, not the future for inspiration in designing The Next Big Profit Centre. Witness the resurrection of once defunct models such as the Honda Civic and Porsche 911. The Citroën 2CV looks as it was never updated since the C3!

Leave it to the Froggies to make cars such as the Citroën 2CV and DS.
Okama either lost his readership on this post or my Gay Tariban Brog is getting pretty boring as no one is commenting besides yours truly himself.
well, seems like you are fresh out of ideas, just like the Hamas and the Papas, who couldn't sell anything after their hit single 'palestine dreamin'.
Hey anonymous, does Okama know you? Okama thinks we are related. Anyhow, Okama also thinks that although he is fresh out of stale ideas, fortunately Tata Motors of India isn't. Their Indica V2 Turbo parps loud curry farts when cruising down the avenue scoring with the Bangalore bints. The Indica is known as India's Rolls Royce, and it really shows.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Some wacky and weird stuff here, but I like it! If I didn't know better, I might figure you to be an Asian posing as a Muslim noodle dealer. Lucky I know you are really just a noodle posing as a Muslim Asian dealer. Keep the comedy coming.
Why thank you for your kind comments gay newcomer! Okama will strive to make as many offensive remarks to Japs, Nips, Chinks, Gooks, Viet Congs, Brown people, Black people, and the White Hegemony as possible.
I rike your webpage berry much.
Why Anonymous gay person, sincere thanks and gratitude for your homosexual comments. Okama is all warm and fuzzy now. Now, if you would excuse him, Okama will log off to go whip a batch off to gay pron.
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