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Gay Tariban Brog

Saturday, July 08, 2017


Chocolate Nips!

As a result of coloured males copulating and inseminating raw fish-eating females, people nowadays have slits for eyes and chocolaty skin. Sani Brown Abdul Hakim, whose name Okama bin Ramen wholly approves of, runs a 100 metres in 10 seconds and 200 metres in 20! Asuka Cambridge, whom with a name like that no doubt attended Christ's College, can also pull the same feat. These chocolate nips are the best of both worlds; they can recite times tables faster than a Google supercomputer while being capable of outrunning a silly rabbit!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


China-People go on Epic Horidays!

Nowadays China-people have enough renminbi to see the world. Chinkys are outspending Nippys two-to-one on souvenirs and other useless gifts. China-tourists are known to be loud and rude. They also eat anything in sight, at home or abroad. In Africa, some slanties were arrested for catching and chomping on rare tortoises. China-tourists often go to Thailand for katoey shows, and on occasion they misbehave and goose katoey reproductive organs. Hope it was worth it!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Younger Nipkids will speak Engrish!

Engrish* proficiency by Nipkids is at an all-time low. Japland knows less Engrish than Gookyland and Chinkyland. Traditionally, Nipkids learn Engrish in junior high school. However, in preparation for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the Nip government is forcing younger Nipkids to rote memorise how to say "Jisu izu a pen." Visitors to the Tokyo Olympics can expect grown-up Nipkids to recite Keats and comprehend the Japan Times.

*Engrish is nonsensical rigmarole printed on oseibo and ochugen boxes. A hypothetical example would be "Come on everybody! Let's enjoy fresh sports life! Touch woody!"

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Chinapeople Receive Free Book on How to Travel!

Chinapeople have much renminbi to spend when travelling outside Chinaland. However, the white man gets offended when Chinapeople hawk thick loogies in a restaurant. The China government caught wind of this, and made a book on how Chinapeople should behave when travelling abroad. The book says "don't poop in public spaces" and "don't fondle your Fu Manchu."

Okamaghanistans don't have this problem because they're well-behaved. ObR curbed his to itch to play with himself at a topless French beach. Unfortunately, he forgot his manners later when he went for a swim and plopped a phat dookie in the sea.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Chinapeople Swim at the Beach!

The people of Chinaland love seaside holidays. Once they get to Qingdao Beach however, they find that pollutants such as nitrates and alkaloids have turned the Yellow Sea green! So far, Chinapeople have shrugged off the algae creeping up their anal sphincter as a fact of life. In Chinaland, you can't complain to the authorities without facing retribution. Life goes on. Chinamen, Chinawomyn, Chinaboys, and Chinagirls all go to the beach, frolic in the green stuff, and smear the slime on each other's hard nipples. Okama's green with envy!

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Jap Jisatsu - Now Below 30,000/year!

Ritual suicide has been traditionally a popular pastime in The Land of the Sinking Sun. It used to be that Kamikaze fighter pilots committed ritual harakiri at treble the rate of Foxconn flunkies. But for the first time, Nip-men and Nip-womyn have said sayonara to seppuku, instead staying home and self-pleasuring themselves to hentai anime with a circle of hentai enema fountains! These lazy Nips need to get off their tatami mats, log on the internet forums for shudan jisatsu, and set off a hibachi inside their cars (this is how Nippys who are too timid to commit jisatsu alone used to do it)! At least with a hibachi you kill two birds! You can grille some yakitori first, and then doze off to carbon monoxide as you become a dead duck!

Sunday, June 02, 2013


Chinapeople Get Cultured!

Traditionally, Chinamen, Chinawomyn, Chinaboys, and Chinagirls, otherwise known as "Chinapeople", have been uncouth boors. But times they are a changin'! These nouveau-riche bourgeoisie Chinapeople (i.e. Richinks = Rich + Chinkys) have shunned Chinese opera, such as Madame Butterfry, and have embraced fine arts that The-White-Man hegemony deems to be "cultured." Thus Richinks, with millions of renminbi in hand, have been spotted at museums in France and opera houses in Italy. Food-wise, Chinapeople are moving from chicken-choking chow-mein to penne puttanesca - even learning how to use a knife and fork!


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