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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Jap Jisatsu - Now Below 30,000/year!

Ritual suicide has been traditionally a popular pastime in The Land of the Sinking Sun. It used to be that Kamikaze fighter pilots committed ritual harakiri at treble the rate of Foxconn flunkies. But for the first time, Nip-men and Nip-womyn have said sayonara to seppuku, instead staying home and self-pleasuring themselves to hentai anime with a circle of hentai enema fountains! These lazy Nips need to get off their tatami mats, log on the internet forums for shudan jisatsu, and set off a hibachi inside their cars (this is how Nippys who are too timid to commit jisatsu alone used to do it)! At least with a hibachi you kill two birds! You can grille some yakitori first, and then doze off to carbon monoxide as you become a dead duck!

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